Nelson Mandela, the leader of the South African anti-apartheid movement, has become a worldwide symbol of resistance to racism. Released from prison in 1990, he helped guide the country on its peaceful transition to democarcy. This version of Mandela's autobiography has been shortened to a...

Englisch - Lesebücher, Lektüren, Grammatik, Liederbücher

They Fought for Freedom, Band 2
ISBN: 9783944911762
Artikelnr: 1670
This workbook accompanies the new reader "They Fought for Freedom" with an extensive collection of comprehension work, graded in three levels of difficulty, plus a wide range of grammar exercises, all keyed to the reader text and offering a complete revision of basic English grammar. The free...
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They Fought for Freedom, Band 1
ISBN: 9783944911755
Artikelnr: 1669
In the United States, a symbol of hope for the world, blacks were slaves, working to make other people rich. Here are some of the stories of those who fought to be free: the Underground Railroad, the Bus Boycott in Montgomery, school integration and sit-ins, as well as Martin Luther King's 'I...
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and other stories
ISBN: 9783944911984
Artikelnr: 1675
This new collection for Early Readers brings together four classic folk tales:
  • The Giant Turnip
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Stone Soup
  • The King's Bread
The stories are retold in simple but interesting English - lots ...
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Ghosts at the Castle, Band 2
ISBN: 9783944911748
Artikelnr: 1668
This workbook accompanies the new edition of the reader "Ghosts at the Castle" with a wide-ranging and extensive selection of exercises keyed to the story text. They include a broad range of grammar work suitable for this age group.
The story, funny and exciting by turns, will...
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Ghosts at the Castle, Band 1
ISBN: 9783944911731
Artikelnr: 600052
Materials for language teaching at Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools.
Here is the story of Brian and Julie, and their problems with the ghosts at the age-old castle of the McPhantoms! This book was specially written to provide a fast, entertaining and not-too-difficult read after stories...
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With Techniques and Materials for age 4 - 10
ISBN: 9789631278705
Artikelnr: 1656
"It' s amazing how fast five-to-nine-year-olds can learn a secon language if given the right inputs and a playful enviroment. By using traditional hands-on action rhymes, finger plays, singing games, conversational eschanges, counting-out rhymes, tongue-twisters, stories and little play scenes we...
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Stone Fox, Band 2
ISBN: 9783944911427
Artikelnr: 1660
The exercises in this workbook are keyed to the reader, "STONE FOX", which is available separately.
In this new workbook accompanying the reader, STONE FOX, the exercises are divided into two sections.  
  1. The first of these you may well recognise if you...
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Stone Fox, Band 1
ISBN: 9783944911410
Artikelnr: 1598
A really excellent reader for Class 7, Stone Fox is an exciting and fast‐moving story set in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming in the early 1900s, with a powerful, tragic ending. The text, although an original, slightly abridged, is a fairly easy read, illustrated throughout in black‐and‐white....
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ISBN: 9783927286566
Artikelnr: 600058
Materials for language teaching at Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools This exciting story captures the essence of one of England's most enduring legends. Robin Hood is everybody's hero, taking his place beside Saint George, King Arthur and other immortals of English folklore. Here, the famous ...
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ISBN: 9783944911403
Artikelnr: 1655
This workbook accompanies the new reader "Outlaw: Robin of Sherwood" with a wide-ranging and extensive selection of exercises keyed to the text of the reader. Recommended for class 6.
Robin Hood is everybody's hero. In the story the famous outlaw comes to...
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ISBN: 9783944911397
Artikelnr: 1654
Robin Hood is everybody's hero. Here the famous outlaw comes to life in an all-new retelling, completely rewritten for a fast and easy read. With black-and-white illustrations by Christiane Lesch and a page by page vocabulary. This new reader is accompanied by a separate workbook with a wide...
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Artikelnr: 600063
Materials for language teaching at Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools A reader for "cultural studies" about social conditions in England at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Can be used independently of A Christmas Carol and offers descriptions of early industrial processes and of men and ...
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