In the summer of 1919 Rudolf Steiner developed in his first teacher course the anthropology of Waldorf Education and the resulting methodology and didactics.
In the following decades Waldorf Education with its consistent orientation towards people spread to more than eighty...

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Creation + Discovery Mathematics, Band 2
based on teaching practices in Waldorf Schools
ISBN: 9783939374107
Artikelnr.: 1198
The »green« books of the series Mathematics for the High School were specifically designed with the math teacher in mind. Not only are they a useful resource for gaining familiarity with teaching in a Waldorf school, but they are also a source of inspiration - offering fresh perspectives and...
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ISBN: 9783888365870
Artikelnr.: 1542
This study summarizes recent research conducted on Waldorf education in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and North America. The full data are analyzed, compared and criticized. Reflections on Waldorf graduates from professors are analyzed and constructive criticisms by graduates are offered in the...
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ISBN: 9783888365825
Artikelnr.: 1519
Eine Absolventenstudie an 550 Waldorfschulabgängern seit 1943 in Nordamerika, die reichliches statistisches und analytisches Material bereithält. In 12 Kapiteln werden die Biographien unter vielen Aspekten verfolgt wie z. B. Weiterbildung, Verhältnis zur Berufskarriere, kulturelle und soziale...
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in Waldorf Education for Children Ages 3-9
ISBN: 9783888365818
Artikelnr.: 1525
In the present political situation regarding education with increasingly blurred boundaries between kindergarten and elementary school and younger mandatory school age dictated by lawmakers, it is imperative to take a closer look at the totality of child development. The principle of ...
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ISBN: 9780646460185
Artikelnr.: 1155
"Creating Avenues for Change" is a book of beautiful images and words, illustrating how the innermost qualities of each human being can be fully experienced and nourished. By opening "visual windows", we are able to visit communities working with Rudolf Steiner's "indications for education of the...
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