Waldorf High School Education Course – China: 华德福高中教育课程——中国

These volumes have been translated and adapted from the Handbook for Upper Grades in Waldorf Schools, which was published in German by Beltz Juventa in 2018. In this work, edited by Stephan Sigler, Wilfried Sommer and M. Michael Zech, those subjects given in the format of block-lessons are examined with respect to educational theory and  didactical and methodological aspects. The publication is intended for scientists, students and practicing teachers. It emerged from a research project by the Pedagogical Research Centre at the Federation of Waldorf Schools in Kassel and the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences in Alfter.

这几卷内容由德文翻译为英文,改编自《华德福学校高年级手册》, Beltz Juventa出版社2018年出版;Stephan Sigler,Wilfried Sommer和M. Michael Zech编辑。本书从教育理论以及教学和方法论等方面检视了主课板块所涉及的各个科目。该出版物面向科学家、学生和一线教师,产生于卡塞尔市华德福学校联盟教学研究中心和阿尔夫特市Alanus艺术与社会科学大学的一项研究项目。

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