How do I order several copies of a book?

Please first place a book in the basket. Then, from the basket, go to checkout. At the next step you can then adjust the number of copies as desired. Following this you can place further publications in the basket by selecting a category from the menu or typing a search word. Once you have finished your purchase selections, you can proceed to the checkout.

Emails @brocom.de

If you place an order here at Waldorfbuch.de, you will first receive an automatic confirmation of your order from the shop system. Then the publications you ordered will be located, packaged and dispatched. This is done by our warehouse and dispatch services provider Brockhaus/Commission. For this reason you will receive further emails about the status of your order, or information about prepayment etc. from the address …@brocom.de.


If you select “prepayment” while ordering, following the placing of your order you will receive an email confirmation from our shop system. No later than the next working day, you will receive a payment prompt with the account number of our warehouse and dispatch services provider Brockhaus/Commission. Once the payment sum has been received into our account, the goods will be dispatched on the following working day.


We do not offer deliveries under the last-name payment system.

Not  available? What happens next?

For all unavailable books, we offer the following service: if you type your email address into the designated field, you will get an automatic message once the book is available, and you can then order it.

In addition, we will supply a date as soon as possible stating when the book will become available again.

In exceptional cases we may still hold a few copies in-house when the dispatch warehouse has sold out. Please enquire by telephone or email (see below) to ascertain whether this is true of the book you wish to buy.

Booktrade discounts?

Yes. We give a 25% discount to all book traders worldwide. Within Germany we do not charge packing or mailing costs. Outside Germany these are charged for. To receive your discount, when registering as a customer please choose trader. Please make sure you enter your company name correctly, so that we can check your status. Otherwise we reserve the right to withhold the discount.

Book delivery services

Book traders in Germany and Austria affiliated with the book delivery services KNV, Libri or Umbreit will automatically receive their deliveries by this means. Bookstores in Austria should contact us since they will be automatically charged for dispatch costs but these will not apply when delivered through the book delivery service.

Is there a discount for Waldorf schools?


  • our books are subject to statutory book price control (see BuchPrG)
  • we calculate our prices as low as possible, so in a sense the discount is already included.

Nevertheless, since 2 July 2018 we have been offering a bulk discount of 10% if

  • you have registered as a school,
  • you order more than 25 copies of a book (we offer only the discounts allowable under BuchPrG)
  • the school is ordering the books for its own stock.

In other words, this means that the books ordered remain the property of the school and do not pass into pupil ownership. You will need to confirm this during ordering. Thus we only offer this discount for books intended for this purpose, e.g. readers, but not workbooks intended for pupils to write in, nor books intended for teachers’ personal ownership.

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