Year Book for Goetheanism

The Year Book for Goetheanism is a publication for Goethean research and since 1984 has been publishing current articles from the fields of science, medicine and pharmaceutics. Both well-known and emerging authors offer insights into complex natural contexts, accompanied by helpful illustrations. Readers interested in the natural world, scientists, doctors and teachers will find valuable study material in these publications.

Goetheanism is an approach and discipline based on Goethe’s investigations, and made more accessible by Rudolf Steiner’s epistemological writings. Methodologies of empirical analysis and ideal synthesis are used equally to gain understanding especially of the living realm.

The Yearbook for Goetheanism is published by the Science Section at the Goetheanum (Dornach) together with the Stuttgart Waldorf Pedagogy Seminar and the Pedgagogical Research Centre of the Federation of Independent Waldorf Schools

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Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus, Band 37
ISBN: 9783944911830
Item no.: 1708
This book is only available in German, and the description of it is therefore not translated.
Als das Ideal naturwissenschaftlicher Forschung gilt, die Naturgegenstände und deren Eigenschaften, Wechselwirkungen und Entwicklungsgeschichte...
hard cover
Available for immediate dispatch

Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus, Band 36
ISBN: 9783944911823
Item no.: 1705
This book is only available in German, and the description of it is therefore not translated.
WOLFGANG SCHAD: Was bewegt den anthroposophisch orientierten Naturwissenschaftler?
hard cover
Available for immediate dispatch

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