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A Change in the Year: Pentatonic Songs

pentatonic children's songs

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Edition: 1. edition, 1994 (clipbound)
Publisher: Pädagogische Forschungsstelle Stuttgart
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Weight: 100 g
Scope: 44 Seiten
Format (W x H x D): 21 x 14,8 x 0,4 cm
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While Rhythms, Rhymes, Games and Songs contains quite a number of the more traditional children’s songs, the importance of pentatonic songs for at least the first two years of the Lower School can hardly be overestimated. Among other things, they often have a therapeutic effect in that they can help to calm and harmonize the children. These two collections offer a considerable variety of songs.

Über den Herausgeber

Prof. Dr. Christoph Jaffke besuchte die Rudolf-Steiner-Schule Wuppertal und begann 1967 mit dem Englischunterricht an einer Stuttgarter Waldorfschule. Er ist einer der erfahrensten Englischlehrer in der...

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