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Ghosts at the Castle - Reader
Ghosts at the Castle, Band 1
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ISBN: 9783944911731
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Auflage: 6. Auflage, 2021 (Klammerheftung)
Verlag: Pädagogische Forschungsstelle Stuttgart
Reihe: Ghosts at the Castle
Band: 1
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Gewicht: 130 g
Umfang: 64 Seiten
Format (B x H x D): 14,8 x 21 x 0,4 cm
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Materials for language teaching at Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools.
Here is the story of Brian and Julie, and their problems with the ghosts at the age-old castle of the McPhantoms! This book was specially written to provide a fast, entertaining and not-too-difficult read after stories like The Pancake or Silly Simon. It unites puzzles, excitement and comedy with useful, everyday language.
It is beautifully complemented by eight watercolour-illustrations by Christiane Lesch, in full colour.
There are three different vocabulary sections – Thematic, Opposites and Page by Page – to suit most tastes and styles of teaching.
This edition of the reader is accompanied by a separate practice book with a wide-ranging and extensive selection of exercises keyed to the story text. They include a broad range of grammar work suitable for this age group.  
For Class 5


Ghosts at the Castle - the original exercises
The 2018 edition of Ghosts at the Castle is accompanied by a Workbook with a very extensive (and new) collection of exercises. For those who prefer not to use the Workbook, this booklet contains the exercises of the original 2001 reader.

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