Cover für Phasenübergang Wasser/Wasserdampf • Phase Transition Water/Steam
Phasenübergang Wasser/Wasserdampf • Phase Transition Water/Steam
Physik 9. Klasse • Physics 9th Grade, Band 2

Anleitung zum Dampfheber • Instructions for the Steam Jack

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ISBN: 9783949267062
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Title information

Release date: 
Edition: 1. edition, 2021 (soft cover)
Publisher: Pädagogische Forschungsstelle Kassel
Series: Physik 9. Klasse • Physics 9th Grade
Volume: 2
Scope: 139 Seiten
Format (W x H x D): 14,8 x 21 cm
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In addition to experimental instructions on the steam jack, the booklet contains didactic tips and points out ways in which the experiment can be integrated into the physics main lessons of the 9th grade Waldorf school curriculum. At the same time, it introduces a lesson that covers the phenomena occurring at the water/steam phase transition in a step-by-step manner. At the end of the lesson, the steam jack experiment transitions into covering the Newcomen steam engine.

Über den Autor

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Sommer ist langjähriges Vorstandsmitglied bei der Pädagogischen Forschungsstelle und engagiert sich in Forschung und Lehre für die Waldorfpädagogik.


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