Cover für Mathematikthemen für die 11. Klasse in Kürze
Mathematikthemen für die 11. Klasse
Gestalten + Entdecken - Mathematik

ausgearbeitet nach der Unterrichtspraxis an Waldorfschulen

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ISBN: 9783939374367
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Release date: 
Edition: 3. unaltered reprint, 2022 (soft cover)
Publisher: Pädagogische Forschungsstelle Kassel
Series: Gestalten + Entdecken - Mathematik
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Author(s): ,,,,,,
Scope: 317 Seiten
Format (W x H x D): 21 x 29,7 x 2 cm
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Via edition waldorf, this book is only available in German. An English translation is on offer for North American customers from Waldorf Publications:
Topics in Mathematics for the 11th Grade
The series Mathematics for the High School has been specifically designed with math teachers in mind. Not only are the books a useful resource for gaining familiarity with teaching approaches used in a Waldorf school, but they are also a source of inspiration - offering a fresh perspective and new insights - for courses that may have already been taught many times.
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