Cover für Plays for the Lower and Middle School
Materials for Language Teaching at Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools
ISBN: 9783949267116
Artikelnr.: 600002
The standard collection consisting of fifty plays from Fairy Tales and Ballads, from Folk Tales, Fables and Stories, as well as Seasonal Plays and Plays from Myth and History.
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Cover für Pentatonic Songs
for nursery, kindergarten and grades 1 and 2
ISBN: 9783939374770
Artikelnr.: 600001
Elisabeth Lebret komponierte eine Fülle von pentatonischen Liedern "für Kindergarten und die Klassen 1 und 2" für verschiedene Anlässe: Aktivitäten, Feste, Jahreszeiten, Geburtstage … Die Sammlung erschien erstmals 1971, und Elisabeths Wunsch, dass "dieses Büchlein...
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Cover für Friendship by the sea - Workbook
Friendship by the sea, Band 2
ISBN: 9783939374787
Artikelnr.: 1752
Das Workbook ist in englischer Sprache.
The workbook offers a variety of tasks which invite the pupils to engage with the story told in the reader as well as with the language in various creative ways. Most tasks are formulated in an open ...
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Cover für Friendship by the sea - Reader
Friendship by the sea, Band 1
ISBN: 9783939374794
Artikelnr.: 1753
Der Reader ist in englischer Sprache.
Isn't it terribly old-fashioned to write letters and send them by snail mail these days?
Maybe, but two Waldorf classes 7, one in the North of England and one in the North of Germany are ...
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Cover für Captain Cook
The Great Explorer
Artikelnr.: 600073
Materials for language teaching at Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools This book describes the life and discoveries of James Cook, one of the greatest sailors, explorers and navigators who ever lived. In just ten years, Cook largely completed the picture of the globe begun in the age of Columbus....
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Cover für We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Carols, Hymns, Songs and Rounds
Artikelnr.: 600027
English Songs for Advent and Christmas. Well-known carols as well as hymns and rounds, some of them contributed by Waldorf Schools in Britain and hardly known on the Continent. It is intended that each student should have his/her own copy of this collection as a companion throughout the...
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Cover für The Ship that turned over
simple, easy version
Artikelnr.: 600009
After the world of fairy tales, legends and nursery tales, this story leads into "real life", in short sentences, simply structured. - A ship sinks in the Atlantic, its passengers are saved, the captain attempts to salvage the wreck but fails. - Suitable for a short and exciting read,...
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Cover für Silly Simon
An English Folk Tale
Artikelnr.: 600048
This little booklet has every quality it takes to be a suitable reader for Class 4 or 5. The story of Simple Simon may well have been one that children loved to hear in the years of oral work, they may even have acted it and have found their favourite incidents. Mollie Clarke has retold it in...
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Cover für Schlief ein goldenes Wölkchen
Ночевала тучка золотая
ISBN: 9783940606389
Artikelnr.: 1556
In dem Roman wird das dramatische Schicksal zweier russischer Waisenkinder beschrieben, die am Ende des 2. Weltkrieges in den Kaukasus (Tschetschenien) geraten und dort die Folgen der Völkerdeportation erleben. Ein sehr emotionales Buch, in dem es nicht nur um Existenzkampf geht, sondern auch...
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Cover für Outlaw: Robin of Sherwood – Workbook
ISBN: 9783944911403
Artikelnr.: 1655
This workbook accompanies the new reader "Outlaw: Robin of Sherwood" with a wide-ranging and extensive selection of exercises keyed to the text of the reader. Recommended for class 6.
Robin Hood is everybody's hero. In the story the famous outlaw comes to...
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Cover für Outlaw: Robin of Sherwood – Reader
ISBN: 9783944911397
Artikelnr.: 1654
Robin Hood is everybody's hero. Here the famous outlaw comes to life in an all-new retelling, completely rewritten for a fast and easy read. With black-and-white illustrations by Christiane Lesch and a page by page vocabulary. This new reader is accompanied by a separate workbook with a wide...
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Cover für Marschroute eines Lebens
Крутой маршрут
ISBN: 9783940606365
Artikelnr.: 1555
Eines der berühmtesten Werke über die Stalinzeit und die Massenrepressionen. Jewgenia Ginsburg beschreibt in diesem Buch ihr eigenes Schicksal und die Schicksale der anderen politischen Häftlinge. - Geeignet für die Klassen 11 - 12.
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