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Outlaw: Robin of Sherwood - Workbook

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This workbook accompanies the new reader “Outlaw: Robin of Sherwood” with a wide-ranging and extensive selection of exercises keyed to the text of the reader. Recommended for class 6.

Robin Hood is everybody’s hero. In the story the famous outlaw comes to life in an all-new retelling, completely rewritten for a fast, easy read.
This workbook can be used with the reader alone.
But for more support, it also references a short and simple English grammar for the Middle School, “English Grammar — An Introduction “
(Peter Morris, Engelberg 2013), available separately.

Free download of the Teacher’s Key for this workbook.

Zum Reader

Why Workbooks?

For twenty years, many ‘Edition Waldorf’ readers have come with exercises included.
Why change to workbooks now?

A natural next step?

    Space and cost limit the number of exercises that can be included in a normal reader.
    The format also limits the types of exercise we can offer.
    The separate book means, for example, that there is now space enough to cover basic grammar too, still keyed, as far as possible, to the reader text.
    The larger page size of A4 makes it easier to structure the material visibly. And the format makes it easier to add different types of exercise, such as tables (see the ‘Crash Courses’).
    The workbook can offer welcome support to less-experienced colleagues and those (like many class teachers) whose primary work-focus is not language teaching.  At the same time, those who want to tread their own paths are not restricted.
    But unlike conventional workbooks, these are wide-ranging collections of material, where the teacher is in command, rather than the author’s programme. There is a real and extensive choice here, so that every colleague can choose those materials which best suit a particular class.
    In short: these workbooks are NOT ‘one size fits all’ − different classes can work with completely different selections from the things on offer.
    Workbooks speed (to an extent ...) the drudgery of marking.
    For most teachers, they will make ‘inner differentation’ in classes more achievable.
    Fast-track students can more easily work ahead and at their own pace, while the similar structure of many exercises provides helpful structure to those moving more slowly.
    Many parents welcome workbooks. Work is in one place, and it’s easier to see how students are progressing.
    In special cases such as long illness or extreme laziness, the state of the workbook makes an immediate impression on parents. In contrast, an empty exercise book is seen as proving nothing!
    The workbook also makes it easier for parents to help their children.
    No more complicated combinations of exercise books and photocopies, where no one but the teacher can see how things fit together! An exaggeration, of course, but still, something calling up a spot of joy to many a parent’s cheek ...

For these reasons, the workbook − in this, or a similar form − seems a natural next step in the development of our readers.

Titel: Outlaw: Robin of Sherwood - Workbook
Autor: Peter Morris
Herausgeber: Christioph Jaffke
Verlag: Pädagogischen Forschungsstelle Stuttgart
ISBN: 978-3-944911-40-3
Bestell-Nr.: 1655
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.06.2017
Auflagennummer: 1
Ausstattung: geheftet
Format (B x H): 14,8 x 21 cm
Umfang: 62 pages