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Robin Hood

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This exciting story captures the essence of one of England’s most enduring legends. Robin Hood is everybody’s hero, taking his place beside Saint George, King Arthur and other immortals of English folklore. Here, the famous outlaw comes to life in a new retelling of his adventures, which offers a moderately easy text, illustrated with fine line drawings by Christiane Lesch. – The text and illustrations are complemented by a very extensive range of extra material catering for a wide range of tastes – a Robin Hood poem and two songs, extra background notes for teachers and/or classes, lists of recommended books and internet resources, three separate vocabulary sections (Thematic, Opposites and Page by Page), and the usual vast selection of practice material to choose from over 800 questions in all. These exercises cover who-, what-, where-questions, Short Answers, Either-Or material, tense-changing, question-forming, simple retellings and various types of vocabulary and comprehension work. A List of English Irregular Verbs completes the material. – For Class 6.


Why are there now TWO Robin Hood readers?
There are now TWO Robin Hood readers on offer. What are the differences?

Overview  −  Robin Hood

    Robin Hood is our original reader, on sale since 2002.
    The text is moderately difficult, with a fairly wide range of vocabulary.
    Many text-based exercises are included in the book, as well as extensive vocabulary material.

Overview  −  Outlaw: Robin of Sherwood

    Outlaw: Robin of Sherwood is new in 2017.
    It follows the same story-line as the older reader, but the text is much easier, the vocabulary more controlled.
    Here too, the vocabulary material is extensive.
    No exercises are included with the reader text.
    Instead, a separate workbook is available.
    This contains similar material to the original exercises (keyed, of course, to the new text),
    AND ALSO exercises covering all the grammar typically worked on at this level.
    A Teacher’s Key for the workbook is available as a free pdf-download.

Which version will better suit me and my class?

… Robin Hood, the original text?

    Robin Hood has a ‘juicier’ text, which best suits good classes used to a fast pace, and a teacher who can vary intensive and extensive reading. In contrast, weaker classes may struggle. If you prefer to cover most of the vocabulary your students encounter, you may find class progress slower and heavy on learning.
    Exercises come with the text. But while tenses and verb-forms are covered extensively, you will have to provide most other material for your students’ grammar practice yourself.
    This text will stretch your students a little, and you’ll be working with traditional exercise books or something similar. You already have enough grammar material of your own on hand, and having students of different abilities working at different speeds and at different places in the exercises is no problem for you.

If this is your situation, you may well be happy with Robin Hood, the original text.

… Outlaw, the new version?

    Outlaw will provide a much faster read. Less pure vocabulary work means more time for language work of other kinds.
    The workbook covers most of the language material a typical class will need at this level, including a broad selection of exercises in basic grammar.
    (The original Robin Hood reader does NOT cover much basic grammar as such!)
    So in this workbook, not only general language practice is covered, but you also have most of the grammar material you will need.
    At the same time, the extremely wide range of material (50% more than in the older text!) means that teachers have a genuine choice in what they do with each class, and when.
    And if you do find that your class needs material not included here, the fact that so much is already provided means that you really have time to search for it, or write it yourself.
    Many teachers find that having a workbook gives them more freedom to have different groups of pupils working at different speeds, and even on different topics, while still keeping the ‘big picture’ in view.
    Most teachers find marking workbooks faster than correcting the same work in traditional exercise books. And if you need help at any time, the Teacher’s Key is available.

If these points resonate with you, you might well prefer the new text plus workbook,  Outlaw: Robin of Sherwood.

Titel: Robin Hood
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