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Ghosts at the Castle!

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Here is the story of Brian and Julie, and their problems with the ghosts at the age-old castle of the McPhantoms! This book was specially written to provide a fast, entertaining and not-too-difficult read after stories like The Pancake or Silly Simon. It unites puzzles, excitement and comedy with useful, everyday language. It is beautifully complemented by eight watercolour-illustrations by Christiane Lesch, in full colour. – There are three different vocabulary sections – Thematic, Opposites and Page by Page – to suit most tastes and styles of teaching. As usual, there is a very extensive selection of exercises to choose from, offering practice with the basic question words who, what, where etc., as well as simple tense-changing (Future and Simple Past), Short Answers, Either-Or questions and – if desired – some first, easy vocabulary practice and short retellings. A List of English Irregular Verbs rounds off this useful reader, together with some notes for teachers on introducing techniques of independent work to the pupils. – For Class 5.

Dieses beliebte Buch soll (wie Stone Fox und Outlaw) zweibändig als Reader und Workbook erscheinen und wird derzeit überarbeitet. Wir rechnen damit, dass die neue Version ab Mitte April 2018 lieferbar sein wird. Auf dieser Seite informieren wir darüber.

Gerne können Sie hier über unser Kontaktformular oder per E-Mail Reader und Workbook vorbestellen und werden bei Erscheinen des Buches versandkostenfrei beliefert.

Titel: Ghosts at the Castle!
ISBN: 978-3-940606-04-4
Bestell-Nr.: 600052
Erscheinungsdatum: 2011
Auflagennummer: 3
Umfang: 79 pp.