Floire und Blancheflor hat wie jede Sage einen historischen Hintergrund. In Form einer zarten Erzählung enthält sie die großen historischen Auseinandersetzungen der Zeit: Orient - Okzident. Floire und Blancheflor sind die Großeltern Karls des Großen. Zugleich sind Sagen immer auch Bilder: die...

Französisch Lektüren, Lesebücher

They Fought for Freedom, Band 2
ISBN: 9783949267352
Artikelnr.: 1670
This practice book accompanies the new reader "They Fought for Freedom" with an extensive collection of comprehension work, graded in three levels of difficulty, plus a wide range of grammar exercises, all keyed to the reader text and offering a complete revision of basic English grammar. The...
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(formerly: The ship that turned over) Extended version for class 6-7
ISBN: 9783927286849
Artikelnr.: 600069
Materials for language teaching at Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools A ship sinks in the Atlantic, its passengers are saved, the captain attempts to salvage the wreck but fails. Extended and greatly improved edition for Class 6/(7), with comprehension questions and exercises by Peter Morris;...
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pour les quatre premières classes des Ecoles Waldorf
ISBN: 9783949267369
Artikelnr.: 600028
Pour le professeur; petits poèmes, textes rythmisés et chants, sur les animaux, les plantes, les saisons, le temps qu’il fait, les métiers etc. ainsi que jeux de doigts et saynètes.
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ISBN: 9783949267314
Artikelnr.: 600056
Cette lecture nous apprend avec quel altruisme et quel engagement le jeune Louis Braille a mis sa vie au service de ses confrères aveugles. Le monde lui doit l'écriture Braille - qui a ouvert de nouveaux horizons aux aveugles. - Une lecture captivante pour une 9e classe. Supplément de...
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Ghosts at the Castle, Band 1
ISBN: 9783944911731
Artikelnr.: 600052
Materials for language teaching at Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools.
Here is the story of Brian and Julie, and their problems with the ghosts at the age-old castle of the McPhantoms! This book was specially written to provide a fast, entertaining...
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They Fought for Freedom, Band 1
ISBN: 9783944911755
Artikelnr.: 1669
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ISBN: 9783927286566
Artikelnr.: 600058
Materials for language teaching at Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools This exciting story captures the essence of one of England's most enduring legends. Robin Hood is everybody's hero, taking his place beside Saint George, King Arthur and other immortals of English folklore. Here, the famous...
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The Great Explorer
Artikelnr.: 600073
Materials for language teaching at Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools This book describes the life and discoveries of James Cook, one of the greatest sailors, explorers and navigators who ever lived. In just ten years, Cook largely completed the picture of the globe begun in the age of Columbus....
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simple, easy version
Artikelnr.: 600009
After the world of fairy tales, legends and nursery tales, this story leads into "real life", in short sentences, simply structured. - A ship sinks in the Atlantic, its passengers are saved, the captain attempts to salvage the wreck but fails. - Suitable for a short and exciting read,...
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Stone Fox, Band 1
ISBN: 9783944911410
Artikelnr.: 1598
A really excellent reader for Class 7, Stone Fox is an exciting and fast-moving story set in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming in the early 1900s, with a powerful, tragic ending. The text, although an original, slightly abridged, is a fairly easy read, illustrated throughout in black-and-white....
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An English Folk Tale
Artikelnr.: 600048
This little booklet has every quality it takes to be a suitable reader for Class 4 or 5. The story of Simple Simon may well have been one that children loved to hear in the years of oral work, they may even have acted it and have found their favourite incidents. Mollie Clarke has retold it in...
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ISBN: 9783944911397
Artikelnr.: 1654
Robin Hood is everybody's hero. Here the famous outlaw comes to life in an all-new retelling, completely rewritten for a fast and easy read. With black-and-white illustrations by Christiane Lesch and a page by page vocabulary. This new reader is accompanied by a separate workbook with a wide...
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