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Dick Whittington

A Story from England

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ISBN: 9783940606051
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Release date: 
Edition: 4. unaltered reprint, 2016 (clipbound)
Publisher: Pädagogische Forschungsstelle Stuttgart
Published by 
Author(s): ,
Weight: 120 g
Scope: 75 Seiten
Format (W x H x D): DIN A5
Stock: 1581


This book, which is only available in English, was conceived for foreign language teaching in Germany, and it therefore contains vocabulary lists with a translation into German

A beautifully colour-illustrated work-book, with comprehension questions and exercises; vocabulary in groups of related words and page by page; list of Irregular Verbs. – For Class 5/6.

Über den Herausgeber

Christoph Jaffke

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